Changing the

Landscape of

   North American


Canada’s most reliable source of high-quality tissue culture plants

Beauty by nature, quality & convenience by design

Protect the health of your tank

Avoid contaminants that cost you time, money, and frustration.

Our tissue culture plants are free

of the algae, pests, and pesticides

that can destroy your ecosystem

and even kill the critters in your care!

Receive the freshest plants, fast

Spend your time crafting the green space of your dreams. We’ve designed our growth methods to produce robust plants that acclimate quickly. Growing in Canada allows us to consistently deliver you the freshest plants, faster.

Make the eco-friendly choice

Farmed plants often use harmful pesticides that can poison the environment and your tank.

Plant poaching threatens fragile ecosystems. ABC plants are lab-grown in Canada, without using pesticides.


reliable service

No importation

issues or customs


Not poached or treated with pesticides

Guaranteed to arrive

alive – all year long

Proprietary growth

methods for the

highest quality


Free of algae, pests,

pesticides, and


Packaged in 100%

recyclable materials

Grown, packaged,

& shipped fresh

within Canada

“Ordered 12 cups of T/C plants (Monte Carlo & Dwarf hairgrass). Plants arrived quickly from Quebec to BC!!
All plants were extremely healthy, best T/C I’ve purchased to date!! Highly recommend their products.”

Rick Scott, British Columbia

"I was incredibly happy to find a Canadian producer of high-quality tissue culture aquatic plants! I always support local companies and once I tried the plants in my own tanks, I knew I had to support this company in any way I could! I was honoured to be made a company Ambassador and I am so proud to represent and stand behind these amazing Canadian products. From my experience, the plants take less time to adjust to the aquarium environment and have faster start up growth than any other brand!"

Spencer Bray, Ontario


For orders over $100!
For local customers
To arrive alive