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Many aquarium hobbyists equip their systems with the best high tech accessories possible in order to grow those lush, breath-taking underwater gardens that are simply works of art. At ABC, we believe that technology and state-of-the art research help to maximize utilization of natural energy and resources, resulting in the highest quality, fastest acclimating and easiest to use plants for your aquarium

​Using unique proprietary technologies, our plants, no matter the form factor that you choose

to purchase them in, are designed from the onset with ease of planting in mind. 

Rest assured you'll get to spend your time on your new acquisitions and on enjoying your aquarium, rather than digging around substrates which can cloud your tank or worse yet,

release toxins into the water.  In addition, our growth process is designed to make the transition

to your aquarium fast and easy - with fewer lost or "melted" specimens. 

While aimed at, and suitable for any aquarium enthusiast, we understand the special demands of those involved in the extremely rewarding practice of shrimp-keeping and-or nano-aquariums. Our products are tested extensively with shrimp to ensure that they do not harm these delicate gems as many widely available commercial plants contain harmful pesticides and residues that can decimate an entire population of these crustaceans with little warning and long lasting effects resulting in frustrated, confused shrimp owners and aquariums no longer able to sustain shrimp for a long time. Our plants are also free of other threats, such as flatworms which can kill baby shrimp.

We also understand and appreciate the unique challenges of algae and snails which can be particularly problematic for those keeping small planted tanks. Grown aseptically in the laboratory, our plants do not harbour algae or snail eggs and will never introduce these to a pristine aquascape. Aquariums containing only our plants remain healthy and completely devoid of pests. Algae grows only from airborne spores, livestock or other flora. Rest assured our plants will never carry nasty surprise hitch-hikers that can devastate the aesthetics of a manicured aquascape or cause ecological headaches. 

Our company is based in Montreal and began when two friends with research backgrounds and a passion for science, aquatics, and plants came together with the aim to provide Canadian hobbyists with domestically grown, high quality tissue cultured plants. We aim to provide our customers with rare or new aquatic plants, as well as the old favourites. We hope you enjoy them in your aquascapes as much as we enjoy growing them for you!


Our research operations are always ongoing as we seek to bring you new species. We are always working with new aquarium plants behind-the-scenes so check back often as we will be constantly adding new plants to our selection!