Introducing our revolutionary CO2 system

Take your aquarium plants to the next level with our complete CO2 system in-a-box. Sets up in 15 minutes and does not require a specialized CO2 cylinder!

ABC Plants CO2 regulator right side

CO2 is the single most important factor in your ability to grow lush, healthy aquarium plants. No amount of fertilization or lighting can replace the effect of CO2 injection. Though most people would love to have CO2 for their aquariums, the expense, complexity and time that it takes to put together a reliable CO2 system is daunting. 

Our system combines the affordability, size and accessibility of DIY CO2 with the power, reliability, and precision of a full-featured professional pressurized systems can offer. Experience all the benefits of a sophisticated, automated CO2 system without the time, cost, engineering effort, and unwieldly gas cylinders you need to build your own system! 

This is the first and only complete CO2 system that is natively compatible with any CO2 source. Along with traditional sources such as paintball tanks and full-size industrial cylinders, our system has been comprehensively tested with and is guaranteed to work with convenient SodaStream canisters that are sold and refilled at 10,000s of retailers across North America. You can set-up your entire CO2 system without having to travel further than your local grocery store!  


Each kit includes:

  • Beautiful all metal unibody adjustable pressure regulator with a integrated automatic switch (solenoid), bubble counter with check valve.

  • CO2 proof tubing, 

  • Solid brass anti-return valve

  • Glass U-bend for tanks with and without rims

  • Choice of diffuser customized for your tank size and filter type

  • Hand blown, glass drop checker for monitoring CO2 levels

  • Research grade CO2 indicator solution

  • Stainless steel multi-tool for effortless installation

  • ​Solenoid switch for automatic operation and timing. IP65 rated for water and dust protection and DC design for maximum reliability and safety. 

  • Integrated bubble counter with built-in check valve to monitor your CO2 flow rate and protect your investment

  • Pressure adjustable between 0 and 60 PSI to suit any type of CO2 delivery system

  • Premium "needle valve" with long throw adjustment for exceptionally precise fine control of CO2 injection rate.

  • Advanced pressure chamber construction for exceptionally consistent flow rates throughout the life of the cylinder. Set it and forget it.

  • Anti - End of Tank Dump (EOTD) design protects your aquarium against a sudden surge of CO2 when a cylinder is nearly empty. A problem in low quality regulators that can have serious consequences for fish, inverts and plants; ours offers you the peace of mind that your tank inhabitants will be safe.

  • Native compatibility with all common CO2 sources such as SodaStream, Paintball, CGA320 and even disposable cylinders. No need for unreliable and finicky third party adapters.

  • Solenoid and bubble counter both rotate 360 degrees for mounting to any CO2 bottle in any orientation.

  • Handsome aluminum unibody design not only looks good but is designed to minimize leaks and failures for a lifetime of reliable service.

  • Embossed stainless steel wrench is the only tool you'll need. 

  • Sets up in minutes, you're up and running in 15 minutes or less.

Regulator Needle Valve K5 f8.png


At the heart of the system is our beautifully crafted universal regulator. While impressively compact and easy to use, it has all the features you should expect from any high quality CO2 regulator. Including:

Regulator left view parts list.png


No CO2 kit can work without a diffuser to dissolve CO2 from your regulator into your aquarium water. We've tested dozens of models of virtually all types of diffusers on the market and chosen the best options for aquariums of all types and sizes. You can choose the type you want that best suits your tank or let us choose for you by providing some basic information about your aquarium.


In-tank diffusers are designed for aquariums that do not have external canister filters and use the more common HOB (hang on back) or internal power filters. In-tank diffusers are installed in your aquarium where they produce a fine mist of CO2 that is quickly dissolved in the water and evenly distributed by water flowing around the aquarium. They are most efficient when installed near a filter in take or any area with strong water flow.

In-line diffusers (also called atomizers) are installed on the hose from your canister filter and distribute CO2 into the water returning from the filter. They are excellent for use with external filters and can be more efficient and better suited for processing large volumes of CO2 for large aquariums. 


Best for smaller tanks 35 gallons or smaller, these attractive and low profile acrylic diffusers with create a steady stream of CO2 micro-bubbles in all directions. Stunningly small yet powerful, they look great in any display and can be easily hidden behind taller plants. The built-in bubble counter allows you to monitor your CO2 rate at a glance from inside the aquarium. Unique membrane material produces extremely fine bubbles and is naturally resistant to clogging or algal growth. 

NANO Diffusers.png


Best for tanks between 20-50 gallons, these diffusers feature a unique pressure resistant gasket between the diffuser body and the ceramic diffusion plate. Unlike common glass diffusers, the joint between the ceramic plate and the body is airtight which prevents CO2 from leaking around the diffusion membrane to ensure 100% of your CO2 is refined into micro bubbles. The ceramic plate is removable for easy cleaning and a built-in bubble counter lets you monitor your CO2 at-a-glance. 

High Pressure Acrylic.png


These high output diffusers are the best choice for servicing larger tanks (>50 gallons) though they can be used to good effect in tanks of all sizes. The large diffusion surface and solid one-piece construction allows these to reliably process a very high volume of CO2 into an impressive plume of CO2 microbubbles that are either taken into your filter or carried in the currents and quickly dissolved for the ultimate in-tank delivery of CO2. This option is recommended for large tanks but are also very effective for small and medium sized tanks that are densely planted. 

Bazooka Diffusers.png


If you have an external canister filter, you may prefer to inject your CO2 directly into the filter circuit with our venerable in-line diffuser (or atomizer) from UP Aqua. This is often considered the most efficient option and enables the use of virtually unlimited amounts of CO2 and is thus well suited to very large tanks up to hundreds of gallons. It is a great way to ensure even distribution throughout the tank and that no CO2 is wasted. For aquariums of any size this is a great way to diffuse CO2 and is enthusiastically recommended if you are using an external filter.

PRO TIP: What's the most efficient way to dissolve CO2 in my aquarium if I don't have an external filter?


If you have a very large tank without an external canister filter, the most efficient way to dissolve large volumes of CO2 quickly is to use a simple powerhead, wave maker or just a simple water pump in the aquarium. Chances are many of you already have one of these installed. Simply place the CO2 diffuser near the intake of the powerhead and the pump will do a fantastic job of dissolving the CO2 bubbles through the motion of its internal and blowing the carbonated water along with any undissolved bubbles around the aquarium. This method is just as effective as an external filter but only requires a $10 accessory instead of an entire canister filter setup.

For aquariums smaller than 55 gallons, if your diffuser is placed strategically, near the filter intake or in an area of high water flow, it's efficiency will be pretty close to an in-line atomizer because only a small number of CO2 microbubbles need to be dissolved.

In-Line diffuserrs.png


Every ABC Plants CO2 kit includes everything you need to keep an eye on the amount of CO2 in your aquarium. Too much CO2 can cause lower the pH, causing stress to livestock and is a waste while too little CO2 does not allow your plants to reach their true potential so it is vital to know how much CO2 is in your tank so that you can find the perfect balance for your individual aquarium.

Aquapro Dropchecker.png


Your kit includes this handsome blown glass widget referred to as a "drop checker" which shows you the CO2 concentration in your aquarium when filled with an indicator solution. Compared the most common drop checkers sold on sites like Amazon, the quality difference is obvious. It is smaller, less intrusive and has no rough glass edges - everything is polished and it looks better in your aquarium - taking up far less visual space.


For use with your drop checker, we've prepared this 4dKH indicator solution in our own lab using only research grade reagents. The solution is calibrated for maximum accuracy, with all parameters carefully measured to ensure accurate, consistent readings and a long working life so it does not need to be replaced often. Many generic CO2 indicator drops are made with low quality reagents with unstable pH and use your tank water as a baseline which makes consistent readings impossible. You can rely on our pre-calibrated 4dKH indicator to accurately respond to your CO2 levels reliably and consistently ensuring that you know exactly how much CO2 is in your aquarium. 


Connecting your CO2 system together, preventing the backflow of water and organizing tubing is less visible part of a CO2 system but though you don't think it them often, the simple accessories are vital and using lower quality parts for these less exciting components of your system can make a huge difference in performance and efficiency. The detail we've paid to the "simple stuff" makes sure that you aquarium CO2 system runs as smoothly as possible for a very long time. 


Regular aquarium air-line tubing is designed for very low pressure use - between an air pump and an airstone. The material used is slightly porous to gases but isn't a problem for its intended use. CO2 systems are completely different - they are pressured at all times and the porosity of air-line tubing becomes a potentially big issue - losing up to 25% of CO2 gas in some estimates. Additionally, CO2 and water vapor mix to form a weak acid that will eat away at air-line tubing, turning it cloudy, making the walls hard and brittle and creating invisible micro-fractures that contribute to even more loss of CO2. The tubing in each kit is specially designed to be used under pressure with CO2. It is not gas-permeable and is resistant to corrosion so nearly 100% of your CO2 makes its way to the diffuser and the tubing will not deteriorate - remaining pliant and strong for years to come.


Like airline tubing, common plastic aquarium check valves are not intended for use under pressure. The components within are quickly corroded by CO2 and cease functioning in a matter of weeks while the housing is also damaged very quickly enabling considerable amounts of CO2 to escape without notice. As these are not made to be used under-pressure, they are not tested to be gas tight and often come from the factory with existing leaks and microfractures that waste CO2. We include a solid brass check valve in your system which is designed to be used only under pressure and will perform admirably for a long time. The completely leak-proof housing is made of solid brass which is uniquely resistant to chemical damage from CO2. Additionally, our brass check valves are lightweight and virtually the same diameter as the tubing for a clean, uninterrupted appearance when installed. 


Detail is everything to us and we've made sure that every kit with an in-tank diffuser also includes a glass U-Bend. These little things are easy to overlook but they help you position your diffuser precisely where you want it and make the whole set up look much neater. A little accessory that is definitely optional but can make a big difference for convenience and aesthetic - a small detail we made sure to remeber.

ABC Plants CO2 resistant tubing
ABC Plants brass check valve for CO2
ABC Plants co2 tubing with check valve
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