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CO2ONE - The Best Aquarium CO2 System on Earth

See how easy CO2 fertilization can be! You might be surprised...



CO2 is a gas in the atmosphere required for photosynthesis and protects plants against toxic oxidative damage. Without it plants don't just starve, they literally vaporize their own body tissues. Dried plants are 90% CO2 and only 5% other nutrients. Thus CO2 is unquestionably the most important nutrient for healthy aquatic plants, trumping nutrients and even lighting!

Nature Slope Aquarium with CO2


CO2 is extremely deficient in the aquarium. Many natural waters contain more than 100 times the CO2 in your tank. No amount of fertilization or lighting can make up for the extreme CO2 deficit. While some plants have adaptations to survive and even grow without CO2 and an emergency fallback, it severely limits your options to just a few hardy species. Even they grow much better with CO2 fertilization. Even notoriously difficult carpeting plants just seem to grow themselves. Unless you've experienced CO2 fertilization before, the results will simply blow you away. 


There's a variety of ways to restore your aquarium to CO2 levels plants are used to in the wild. The gold standard has been a dedicated regulator and a CO2 cylinder. Unfortunately CO2 regulators are often ugly, hard to use and prone to malfunction. Cylinders are expensive, heavy, and difficult to find and even more difficult to refill. DIY setups with yeast and sugar are better than nothing but get messy, unpredictable and doesn't deliver the same results. "Kits" based on disposable cartridges from big brands like Tropica or Fluval are barely usable, chew through expensive cartridges almost weekly and often end up gathering dust. Costly "liquid carbon" supplements can be extremely toxic and only work for certain plants while harming others.


CO2ONE is pressurized CO2 for the 21st century - a complete system designed from the ground up for planted aquariums using the latest technologies. We looked at the pro and cons of available CO2 solutions and picked the the best features and dumped the worst. Instead of using a fifty year old regulator design, originally meant for beer, we chose a radical redesign. The result is a compact yet advanced regulator paired with an interchangeable thread mount and the best accessories on the market. The result? A CO2 system that is the ultimate in performance, convenience and versatility.


The CO2ONE system is complete - there is nothing else to buy or think about. Everything you could ever want in a professional CO2 system is there and it's compatible with any CO2 source in the world including inexpensive and extremely practical SodaStream canisters. Paintball and dedicated cylinders work just as well and there are no compromises. There is simply nothing else like it!


The CO2ONE is for everyone - from beginners starting with live plants for the first time to to pros with dedicated fish rooms. It's remarkably intuitive, deceptively powerful and surprisingly affordable. The system can be configured for any aquarium small or large with all the features you could ever need right at your fingertips. Best of all, you don't need to know anything about CO2 to be up and running in 15 minutes!

CO2ONE red aquarium plants


CO2 fertilization is the single best investment for your planted aquarium. Not only will your treasured plants grow 5-10 times faster, they grow better, transforming your tank into a beautiful underwater paradise covered with lush foliage, brilliant colors and sparkling oxygen bubbles. There's nothing you can't grow and the results are nearly instant. No more scraggly growth, melting plants or never-ending plagues of algae. You will almost certainly never look back. 



In nature, plants and animals need each other to survive. CO2 fertilization allows your plants to thrive and so will your animals. Ammonia, Nitrate and Phosphate are rapidly consumed for absolutely pristine water with oxygen being created everywhere. Territorial fish will stake out a clearly defined spot and calm down while shy fish become more confident, knowing they can dart into the thicket on a moments notice. In CO2 fertilized planted aquariums, fish and shrimp commonly breed spontaneously. 

Some dedicated regulators are inconsistent and can cause severe pH fluctuations. The CO2ONE regulator is precise and consistent so there are no nasty surprises especially at the end of a tank. 

RAM fish.jpg


  • Handsome metal unibody regulator with adjustable pressure and dual step, balanced decompression

  • Premium long-throw needle valve for easy and precise microadjustment

  • DC solenoid and bubble counter

  • Interchangeable thread mount (Choose: SodaStream, Paintball or CGA320)

  • 3 meters of CO2 resistant pressure tubing 

  • Stainless steel anti-return valve

  • Glass U-bend for tanks with and without rims

  • Choice of the best diffusers or in-line atomizer for your tank size and filter type

  • High quality suction cups for organizing your CO2 tubing

  • Hand blown, glass drop checker for monitoring CO2 levels in style

  • Research grade CO2 indicator solution for precise readings

  • Engraved stainless steel multi-tool for effortless installation

  • 2 year full service warranty on the regulator and 60 day guarantee on all accessories

  • Lifetime professional support and advice from ABC Plants experts


  • ​Solenoid switch for automatic operation and timing. IP65 rated for water and dust protection and DC design for maximum reliability and safety. 

  • Integrated bubble counter with built-in check valve to monitor your CO2 flow rate and protect your investment

  • Pressure adjustable between 0 and 60 PSI to suit any type of CO2 delivery system

  • Premium "needle valve" with long throw adjustment for exceptionally precise fine control of CO2 injection rate.

  • Advanced pressure chamber construction for exceptionally consistent flow rates throughout the life of the cylinder. Set it and forget it.

  • Anti - End of Tank Dump (EOTD) design protects your aquarium against a sudden surge of CO2 when a cylinder is nearly empty. A problem in low quality regulators that can have serious consequences for fish, inverts and plants; ours offers you the peace of mind that your tank inhabitants will be safe.

  • Native compatibility with all common CO2 sources such as SodaStream, Paintball, CGA320 and even disposable cylinders. No need for unreliable and finicky third party adapters.

  • Solenoid and bubble counter both rotate 360 degrees for mounting to any CO2 bottle in any orientation.

  • Handsome aluminum unibody design not only looks good but is designed to minimize leaks and failures for a lifetime of reliable service.

  • Embossed stainless steel wrench is the only tool you'll need. 

  • Sets up in minutes, you're up and running in 15 minutes or less.