• ABC Plants CO2 Pro: full system with in-line diffuser for Pre-Release customers with invites. For more information or if you are interested in participating in our pre-release program - contact us at info@abcplants.ca


    Full system with regulator, solenoid and all accessories for use either SodaStream, Paintball or CGA 320.


    In-line diffuser for use with external (canister) filters only


    Kit includes:


    - Integrated bubble counter with non-return valve

    - CO2 proof tubing

    - Brass check valve

    - In-line atomizer (12/16 or 16/22)

    - Handblown low-profile glass drop-checker

    - Lab grade 4dKh indicator solution

    - Stainless steel multiwrench for CO2 installation and maintenance

    Complete CO2 system with in-line diffuser

    C$269.95 Regular Price
    C$219.95Sale Price