• Ludwigia peruensis 'ABC' (Red Star Ludwigia, Water Poinsetta, previously known as Ludwigia glandulosa)


    This cultivar of Ludwigia peruensis is possibly the single reddest plant you can get for your aquarium; it's leaves and stems turn an almost scarlet color in good conditions. Unlike the common variety where only the leaf bottoms turn red, this cultivar will produce bright red pigmentation on both the upper and lower sides of the leaf blade as well as the stem itself. It is also considerably easier to grow than some varieties of Ludwigia peruensis.


    Our 'ABC' cultivar tends to remain shorter and with denser internodes and is well suited to foreground and midground placement in most aquariums and makes for a brilliant display in even nano tanks!



    Difficulty: Moderate

    Type: Stem

    Size: 7 - 20+ cm in height

    Position and Usage: Foreground Midground - Background placement in very small tanks

    Growth rate: Slow to moderate

    Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5

    Water Conditions: 20 - 28° C - tolerant of a wide variety of water chemistry

    CO2: Recommended

    Propagation: Cuttings

    Emersed growth: Naturally amphibious plant that grows very well in terrariums, plaudariums, vivariums or Wabi Kusa

    Ludwigia peruensis 'ABC'

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    • Otherwise known as the ‘Red Star Ludwigia’, L. peruensis is a unique Ludwigia with deep red, lanceolate-shaped leaves. Each leaf ends in a sharp point, giving the plant a star-like appearance. Unlike many other Ludwigia species, L. peruensis does not produce side stems. Our unique cultivar of this plant turns a stunning bright red color in good conditions and tends to grow a bit shorter with denser foliage for a more lush appearance. 

      It is an amphibious stem plant that will grow vertically and can extend beyond the surface of the water if left untended. The striking foliage make this plant a perfect midground accent plant - especially when set against a landscape of green.

      L. peruensis 'ABC' is a relatively undemanding plant assuming it gets enough light. It is a quite easy plant to cultivate in good lighting especially with CO2 injection. The leaves and stems will begin to lost their red coloration under weak lighting or when planted in a nutrient deficient substrate. Sparse, tall and lanky growth and loss of colour may indicate that the lighting is not powerful enough. Ludwigia peruensis 'ABC' does not need the brightest lighting but it takes good quality consistently medium-high lighting for this plant to display its stunning colors. CO2 supplementation is also recommended; it will promote healthy growth and enhance the coloration of all plants, especially red ones.

      L. peruensis tends to grow slowly, even when thriving so it is a plant that does not need a lot of care or frequent trimming. Regular additions of iron-rich fertilizers and trace elements should help to speed things up and maintain its brilliant coloration. Any cuttings can be replanted in the substrate and will eventually root and become new plants!

      If you are looking for a red plant, Ludwigia peruensis 'ABC' is possibly the single most strikingly red plant in the hobby - taking on a red color almost like a Poinsetta. It is not an excessively difficult plant and is tolerant of a wide variety of water conditions. For those looking for something new and different, this is definitely a plant you will want to consider.