• Ranunculus inundatus (River buttercup, Water parsley)


    An easy plant that does not require CO2 fertilization, this creeping aquatic plant from Australia is fairly new to the hobby and is wonderfully unique looking. It makes a great foreground or midground specimen and spreads through the substrate by producing runners. Its striking snowflake shaped leaves are very eye catching and look a bit like some herbs from your garden. They complement other common aquarium plants very well. Ranuculus is not very demanding and will thrive in a low-tech aquarium as long as the lighting is acceptable. Given supplemental CO2, this plant pearls beautifully and will grow quite denser.


    Difficulty: Easy
    Type: Stolon stem plant - hybrid growth type
    Size: 5 – 10cm+ tall
    Native Range: Australia
    Position and Usage: Foreground to midground. Creeps along the substrate.
    Growth Rate: Moderate to very fast
    Lighting: 3/5 – 5/5
    Water Conditions: 6 - 7.5 pH, soft or hard water (highly adaptable)
    CO2: Not required

    Propagation: Cut stem and replant, runners spread naturally through the aquarium.
    Special Requirements: A fertile substrate is recommended either with root-tabs or just fish poop. As for all fast growing plants, regular fertilization with common aquarium fertilizer is also a good call. 

    Emersed Growth: Runuculus innudatus is an aquatic member of a wide genera of land plants and is naturally amphibious so it grows quite well either fully or semi-emersed. 

    Ranunculus inundatus

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    • Ranunculus inundatus is a low-growing plant with very distinguishing umbrella parsley-like leaves  and produces thick coverage at the bottom of your tank. It is perfect for either foreground or midground placement. While some sources say that this Australian plant may grow slowly as it establishes itself and adapts to tank conditions, that has not been the case with our product which has always taken off quite quickly in our experience. It can grow quite rapidly and will send stolons running through the surface of the substrate. These runners will produces new leaves and may be severed from the mother plant for new indepedent plantlets.

      Suitable pruning and illumination will keep R. inundatus healthy and at a desired density. It maintains a beautiful light green colouration that does not change with light levels. Under insufficient illumination the plant may grow taler and lankier although the colouration should remain relatively consistent.

      Since it is a fast growing plant, Ranunculus innundatus requires steady micro- and macronutrient supplementation with common aquarium fertilizers (and fish poop). This remarkable plant from 'down under' can adapt to a wide range of water hardness and pH values making it suitable for all kinds of tap water conditions. It makes a unique accent and an excellent addition to a well-curated aquascape and can even be a main focal point.

      While CO2 is not required at all, Ranunculus takes full advantage of CO2 fertilization and will produce copious oxygen bubbles and pearl beautifully. It will grow faster, send more shoots to produce new plants and tend to grow denser. Regular trimming is a good idea to shape your plant to your desired appearance.

      Ranunculus innudatus is a real gem! While being very new to the hobby, it is neither difficult nor does it too closely resemble an existing plant. It is extremely eye-catching and easy to cultivate but hobbyists of all skill levels.

      Like all plants from Australia and the tropics, especially ones that are easier to keep and fast growing, this plant should absolutely NOT be released into wild waterways in North America in order to protect our existing native biodiversity.