• Ranunculus inundatus



    A wonderful and very unique looking plant that is new to the hobby and makes a great foreground or midground specimen. Its beautiful uniquely shaped leaves will give your aquarium a stunning and unique look and complements your other plants wonderfully. Ranuculus is not very demanding and will thrive in a low-tech aquarium but will grow very fast and dense with CO2 addition.  


    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
    Type: Stolon stem plant
    Size: 5 – 10cm+ tall
    Native Range: Australia
    Position and Usage: Foreground to midground
    Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
    Lighting: 3/5 – 5/5
    Water Conditions: 6 - 7.5 pH, soft or hard water
    CO2: Recommended 30ppm but not required
    Propagation: Cut stem and replant
    Special Requirements: Fertilization recommended

    Ranunculus inundatus

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    • Ranunculus inundatus is a low-growing variant with distinguished, umbrella-like leaves that produce thick bottom coverage, perfect for either foreground or midground placement. Initially, this Australian plant may grow slowly as it establishes itself and adapts to tank conditions. However, following this period, it can grow quite rapidly, and low-growing side shoots may overwhelm the foreground without careful supervision. These runners will creep horizontally along the substrate and can be trimmed along the shoot for autonomous replanting. Suitable pruning and illumination will keep R. inundatus healthy and at moderate density with a light green colouration. However, failure to provide this plant with the proper illumination or CO2 will result in tall, spindly and potentially less attractive specimens, although the colouration should remain relatively consistent. While it requires steady micro- and macronutrient supplementation, R. inundatus can adapt to a wide range of water hardness and pH values. It makes a unique accent and an excellent addition to a well-curated aquascape.