• Utricularia graminifolia (UG)


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    The most spectacular carpeting plant! If you have good lighting and CO2, this plant is a must have! Can be grown on rocks and driftwood as well as directly on substrate. Contrary to rumours, this plant does not harm fry or baby shrimp.



    Difficulty: Moderately Difficult

    Type: Carpeting

    Size: 1 – 3cm in height­­

    Position and Usage: Carpeting, Foreground placement, grows on driftwood

    Growth rate: Moderate to fast

    Lighting: 3/5 – 5/5

    Water Conditions: 18 – 25°C; soft water recommended; pH of 6.8 – 7.0

    CO2: Recommended but not required

    Propagation: Cuttings, separation and replanting clumps

    Paludarium use: Frequently used to great effect in emersed or semi-emersed in paludariums, Wabi Kusa and humid terrariums - easy to grow

    Special Requirements: Water column fertilization; easy plant to establish using a dry-start method

    Utricularia graminifolia (UG)

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    • Utricularia graminifolia is an attractive perennial native to the marshes and flood grounds of Asia. A healthy lawn of Utricularia is one of the most stunning sights in planted aquariums - especially "nature-style" tanks. It is a moss-like member of the bladderwort family and, like all bladderwort family plants, U. graminifolia has a unique ‘bladder trap’ feature designed to capture small nitrogen- and phosphorous-rich micro-organisms but is harmless to baby shrimp and other aquarium inhabitants. Hobbyists should also avoid pairing this plant with burrowing fish such as Chichlids as it is sensitive to disruption.

      Dry-starting U. graminifolia is easiest; otherwise, you should artificially attach plants to substrate, rocks or driftwood using thread of fishing line (like moss) until they are rooted. Lighting may be kept low for the first 6 to 8 weeks following planting but should be increased thereafter; chronic low light will result in taller, darker foliage while intense lighting will promote light green, compact, growth. U. graminifolia benefits from water column fertilization, and although not strictly necessary, CO2 supplementation will also boost its growth significantly. Soft water and an acidic substrate are also appreciated. Hobbyists should trim this plant regularly to cultivate a neat, lawn-like appearance. Clumps may be separated and re-planted to propagate.

      Uticularia is a fast growing plant that is extremely rewarding and makes for an ideal carpeting plant in the aquarium. It can also be grown on rocks and driftwood. Utricularia can also be grown emersed, semi-emersed or in shallow water in a paludarium, terrarium or Wabi Kusa set-up. When grown this way, it is quite an easy plant which will quickly spread to cover any moist areas.

      Our Uticularia is a healthy and will quickly transition to its planted environment. Like all of our plants, it is unlikely to melt and takes off immediately in the right conditions. If you have not had good luck with this plant in the past, it might be worth trying the ABC plants' version!